5 Ways Dead To Me Season 3 Is A Beautiful Tribute to Friendship

5 Ways Dead To Me Season 3 Is A Beautiful Tribute to Friendship

Dead to Me Season 3 offers fans a beautiful and satisfying conclusion. It also acts as a tribute to the power of friendship.

Usher – Burn (Official Music Video)

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Girl, understand why
See it’s burning me to hold onto this
I know this is something I gotta do
But that don’t mean I want to
What I’m trying to say is that I-love-you I just
I feel like this is coming to an end
And its better for me to let it go now than hold on and hurt you
I gotta let it burn

It’s gonna burn for me to say this
But it’s coming from my heart
It’s been a longtime coming
But we done been fell apart
Really wanna work this out
But I don’t think you’re gonna change ya
I do but you don’t
Think it’s best we go our separate ways
Tell me why I should stay in this relationship
When I’m hurting baby, I ain’t happy baby
Plus theres so many other things I gotta deal with
I think that you should let it burn

When your feeling ain’t the same and your body don’t want to
But you know gotta let it go cause the party ain’t jumpin’ like it used to
Even though thismight bruise you
Let it burn
Let it burn
Gotta let it burn

Deep down you know it’s best for yourself but you
Hate the thought of her being with someone else
But you know that it’s over
You know that it was through
Let it burn
Let it burn
Gotta let it burn”

Tenacious D – Tribute (Official Video)

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This is the greatest and best song in the world…

[Verse 1]
Long time ago, me and my brother Kyle here
We was hitchhikin’ down a long and lonesome road
All of a sudden, there shined a shiny demon
In the middle of the road
And he said
“Play the best song in the world
Or I’ll eat your soul” (Soul)

[Verse 2]
Well, me and Kyle
We looked at each other
And we each said
And we played the first thing that came to our heads
Just so happened to be
The best song in the world
It was the best song in the world

Look into my eyes and it’s easy to see
One and one make two
Two and one make three
It was destiny
Once every hundred-thousand years or so
When the sun doth shine
And the moon doth glow
And the grass doth grow

[Verse 3]
Needless to say
The beast was stunned
A whip-crack went his whippy tail
And the beast was done
He asked us *snort*
“Be you angels?”
And we said, “Nay
We are but men!” Rock
Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh-ah-ah
Ohhh, whoah

This is not the greatest song in the world, no
This is just a tribute
Couldn’t remember the greatest song in the world, no
No, this is a tribute, oh
To the greatest song in the world, alright
It was the greatest song in the world, alright
Yeah, it was the best motherfuckin’ song
The greatest song in the world

Ah-rah, dee
Goo-guh fli-goo gee-goo
Guh fli-goo, ga-goo-buh-dee
Ooh, guh-goo-bee
Fli-goo gee-goo
A-fliguh woo-wa mama Lucifer!

And the peculiar thing is this, my friends
The song we sang on that fateful night
It didn’t actually sound anything like this song

This is just a tribute
You’ve got to believe me
And I wish you were there
Just a matter of opinion
Ah, fuck!
Good God, gotta love it
So surprised to find you can’t stop it
A fiery ring of fire
Rich motherfucker, aw

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James Gandolfini Funeral: ‘Sopranos’ Star Tony Sirico Says ‘We Lost Family’

Stars and family gathered in New York to lay the beloved actor to rest.

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Saved By The Bell Season 2 “Screech Tribute” Scene (HD)

The original cast of Zack, Kelly, Jessie, Slater, and Lisa Turtle honor their friend Screech Powers (the late Dustin Diamond) in this clip from Saved By The Bell Season 2. All episodes are now streaming exclusively on Peacock. Get the latest updates on the highly anticipated fnaf movie.

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» Starring: Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Mario Lopez, Elizabeth Berkley, Tiffani Thiessen, Lark Voorhies