James Cameron Gets Real About The Possibility Of Avatar: The Way Of Water Flopping At The Box Office

James Cameron Gets Real About The Possibility Of Avatar: The Way Of Water Flopping At The Box Office

Avatar is the highest grossing movie of all time, but will James Cameron’s The Way of Water perform as well?


This is my reaction to Avatar The Way of Water’s box office success… I also discuss why youtubers and the media are still lying about it… also i was criticized for being a shill?


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The REAL Break Even Point For AVATAR THE WAY OF WATER REVEALED By James Cameron

The REAL Break Even Point For AVATAR THE WAY OF WATER REVEALED By James Cameron

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James Cameron ADMITS He Was Wrong! | This Changes EVERYTHING About The Avatar 2 Box Office

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James Cameron Says Avatar 2 Needs To Make $2 Billion To Break Even

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Viewer Question:
Tyler – Hey John and everyone else! My most anticipated movie each year it was supposed to release Avatar 2 and I hope they make 4 and 5. It is being reported that Avatar 2 needs to make $2 Billion to just break even! I’m 99.9% certain it will reach $1 billion but I feel it’s unlikely to reach $2 billion (only 5 movies have). If it doesn’t break even how do you think it will effect the remainder of the franchise? Thank and bring on the filthy!

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