Martin Scorsese Has Some Blunt Thoughts On Marvel Movies, And James Gunn Is Sad About It

Martin Scorsese Has Some Blunt Thoughts On Marvel Movies, And James Gunn Is Sad About It

Cue Heath Ledger Joker gif, ‘Here we go.’

Martin Scorsese on comic book heroes, “amusement park films” and The Irishman | *Strong Language*

This video contains **strong language and violence** throughout… look, it’s Martin Scorsese, what did you expect?

This is an excerpt from Martin Scorsese’s Movies That Made Me interview with Radio 1’s film critic Ali Plumb, which you can watch in full in the UK on BBC iPlayer:

Here the legendary director talks about some of his favourite scenes, including The Wolf Of Wall Street and Goodfellas before touching on his favourite new directors and the state of modern cinema.

Listen to Ali Plumb’s podcast, Radio 1’s Screen Time on the BBC Sounds app.

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Why Martin Scorsese is Right About Marvel Movies

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// Are Marvel Movies Cinema? //

In this essay I explore Martin Scorsese’ claim that Marvel films and other big budget franchise pictures are something different than classical cinema.

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Films I reference:
1:16 Touch of Evil
1:22 Taxi Driver
1:42 Days of Heaven
2:29 Vivre Sa Vie
2:57 The Godfather
3:43 There Will Be Blood
4:28 Her
4:57 Inside Llewyn Davis
5:33 Barry Lyndon
6:21 The Grand Budapest Hotel
7:49 The Place Beyond The Pines
7:57 The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
8:13 Parasite
8:31 Breathless
8:35 Tree of Life
8:38 Days of Heaven
8:58 Taxi Driver



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James Gunn Criticizes Martin Scorsese Over Marvel Comments

James Gunn Criticizes Martin Scorsese Over Marvel Comments

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James Gunn On Martin Scorsese’s Marvel Diss

Graeme O’Neil reacts to James Gunn’s theory about why Martin Scorsese insulted Marvel movies back in 2019 before Scorsese’s film “The Irishman” came out.