Why Avatar 2 Won”t Make Its 2018 Release Date, According To James Cameron

Why Avatar 2 Won’t Make Its 2018 Release Date, According To James Cameron

If there’s one good thing you can say about the Avatar sequels, nobody can accuse them of being rushed into production. Quite the opposite, the movies keep getting pushed back. Guess what?

‘Get the F–k Out of My Office’: James Cameron Refuses to Reduce Avatar 2’s Three Hour Runtime

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How to Make Good Sequels with James Cameron – Will Avatar 2 Be Good? – Terminator 2 & Aliens

Why are some sequels so bad? What’s the secret to making them good? Today we look at the sequel master, James Cameron, and what he does to make good sequels and how others have used the same exact trick to make good sequels too.

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Why AVATAR 2 Director James Cameron should never be doubted

With Avatar 2’s release getting closer and closer, a lot of people are still underestimating James Cameron. There is no reason to believe it won’t be a huge success and I’m going to explain why!

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Avatar 2 Won’t Release in 2018 – IGN News

Avatar 2 won’t be hitting theaters next year, as James Cameron’s long-gestating sequel has apparently been delayed once again.

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